Chemdawg Sour Diesel


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Chemdawg Sour Diesel

Chemdawg is a classic that captured the heart of consumers since its introduction to the cannabis industry in the 1990s. In creating Chemdawg Sour Diesel, Reservoir Seeds hybridized the world-renowned strain to further enhance its psychedelic effects. It was later paired with their own inbred Sour Diesel line for its cerebral focused high, powerful aroma, and heavy yields.

Like both its parents, Chemdawg Sour Diesel boasts high THC levels and a unique terpene profile that is immediately recognizable. Its sour chemical flavored smoke induces an intense buzz that, when used in excess, can be totally debilitating. While definitely a thrill seeker’s strain, beginners may still enjoy the potent bud with the help of a seasoned friend.

Beyond Chemdawg Sour Diesel’s recreational appeal is its therapeutic value. Its chemical profile gives it the capacity to relieve many mental and physical afflictions.

Information about Chemdawg Sour Diesel:

ORIGIN Chemdawg and Sour Diesel
EFFECTS Focused – 10
Happy – 5
Uplifted – 5
Euphoric – 4
Relaxed – 3
Dry eyes – 1
Dizzy – 1
Paranoid – 1
Anxious – 1
FRAGRANCE Pungent, sour, diesel, pine, lemon, earthy
FLAVORS Diesel, citrus, tangy, chemical, lemon
MEDICAL Depression – 10
Stress – 9
Fatigue – 6
Pain – 4
Lack of appetite – 2
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORS Late October to early November
THC CONTENT % 18% to 26%
CBD % 0.2%
INDICA / SATIVA % 40%/60%
INDOOR YIELD 12 to 16 ounces per square meter
OUTDOOR YIELD 16 ounces or less per plant
CLIMATE Warm climate
GROWTH LEVEL Some experience needed

* 10 is the highest
* 1 is the lowest

Chemdawg Sour Diesel


Carrying over to Chemdawg Sour Diesel’s smoke is its diesel fragrance. Drawn in, its subtle citric undertones tantalize the senses with its zesty tanginess. On the exhale, a chemical overtone accented by lemon lingers in the palate.


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